Privacy and Disclaimer Statement

Privacy Statement
Heather Garnsey and Martyn Killion have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy.
We collect the names and email addresses of enquirers who lodge requests on this website. 
We will not  sell or give away names or e-mail addresses submitted through this website.  If we are aware that your enquiry matches one we have previously received from another researcher we will offer to pass your email details on to the original researcher if you would like us to do so, but we will not pass on any one else's contact details without their permission. 
This Web site contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these websites.
Disclaimer Statement
As with any transcript, please use this data as a finding aid only, and not as a definitive source. Whilst we have made every effort to transcribe from the original records correctly, we make no claim to achieve complete accuracy.
Therefore, if you find some information of interest, we strongly recommend you check the original source for yourself to verify that the information is correct.
You may use information found on this website for research purposes as long as your acknowledge this website as the source. 
You may not copy significant portions of the database.
You may not sell any portion of the database.
No portion of any of the database can be added to other online collections either for free or commercial access.
Any extracts of the data that are posted on other websites or mailing lists must acknowledge this website as the source.
For any other uses of material from this website you need to Contact Us in advance for permission.
Please note that copyright of the image 'Benevolent Asylum' which is included on the pages of this website is held by the State Library of NSW and reproduced here with its express permission.

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