The Project

This online index covers the following series of records from October 1857 - 31 December 1900.

  • Admissions & Discharges 1857-1900 (ML Ref D574-D581) (part)

However, there is a gap in these records from 1867 to 1877 and, in order to gain the most complete coverage possible, the following series were also consulted to help fill this gap.

  • Index to Admissions and Discharges 1850-1884 (ML Ref: *D655)
  • Inmates Journals 1865-1880 (ML Ref: A7233-4)

From each of these sources the following details have been transcribed (where available):

  • Date of Admission
  • Date of Discharge
  • Surname and Given Name
  • Age
  • Notes [which may include information such as ship of arrival, date of birth or death in the asylum, details of other family members, cause of death, address, reason for admission etc.]


The online index contains only the name, age, and date of admission and discharge from the Asylum. Any information in the Notes field may be obtained by completing the Request Form which is available on the Search Results page.

A sample of the full database is as follows: